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The amazing Broke Studio has published a physical version of the game! Get your copy NOW at https://www.brokestudio.fr/product/nordle-nes/

Famicom version: https://www.brokestudio.fr/product/nordle-fc/



  Version 1.1 released - Found a softlock that happens on rare occasions due to an oversight in the win percentage calculating routine *facepalm*... That should be fixed, BUT...

I decided to add a few requested features to the package!

   - Solution gets displayed after a loss

   - Added a faster cursor speed when the cursor is held down

Therefore, come and download the lastest version for the ultimate NES Wordle experience :D:D:D


  Version 1.03 released - Fixed a minor bug that would display running out of time as a win with no guesses in (But would still result in losing a life)


  Version 1.02 released - Fixed a nasty edge case that would accept non-dictionary "words" in rare cases, as well as generate non-dictionary "solutions"


   Version 1.01 released - fixed a bug with the keyboard attempting to write numbers during gameplay (DOH!). I hope noone got the ultra rare misprint with the yellow keyboard bug I up'd for a minute

Welcome to Wordle! Now available on your NES!!!

That's right, the latest gaming sensation of 2022 is now available for your favourite 1983 hardware. This package includes the following:


- Wordle with 3 game modes

- 3 in-game tunes to choose from (Music by Ma2e)

- Complete Wordle dictionary (Pre-NYT amendments, AKA the good dictionary)

- Some cool fx on the title screen :D

- NTSC & PAL support!

- Family BASIC keyboard support!!!



There are 3 game modes:

  1. NES Wordle - 3 lives and you're out

  2. Timed Wordle - Wordle under a time limit! Gotta go fast!

  3. Chill Wordle - Regular Wordle that you can play forever!

First, choose your mode, then enter your name (for high scores on scored modes). After that, choose your tune to jam to during gameplay and you're ready to guess some words!!!

The game can be controller with a regular controller, with the D-pad moving your cursor, A pressing keys, and B and START being bound to both RUB and ENTER, respectively. Alternatively, you can use a Family BASIC keyboard if you have a Famicom - or if you use MESEN, which can easily emulate the keyboard accessory :)

The rest is just good ol' Wordle! If you don't know how to play Wordle, fear not! Here is a guide on how to do so - https://www.wsj.com/articles/wordle-what-is-word-game-11642016202?tesla=y


Programming, Graphics, etc.: Antoine Fantys

Music: MA2E (https://soundcloud.com/user-902495696)


If you find any bugs, please let me know and I'll fix them ASAP.

A few of you were asking me about a cartridge release. Well, keep an eye out on my Twitter ;) (@FG_Software) IT'S OUT!!! Check the top of the page

Major gr33tz to the RESiStANCE demogroup! - https://www.resistance.no/

Also, a very very big thanks to Jekuthiel and Fiskbit for helping me playtest this bad boy, as well as suggesting a few things that ended up in the final game :D


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Wordle NES V1.1 64 kB

Development log


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kinda neat thing you got going here, but I gotta ask: any chance we could have a version where we can change the hand cursor? I get the middle finger is supposed to be funny but what if the cursor didn’t have to be a “hand” or the “middle finger” display the entire time? Something to think about

It's an index finger......


I really love this version of Wordle. I can't say enough good things about it. Every aspect is very polished and complete.


Hi, great game. My wife, daughter and I play together every night.

A few things: 

1. Would it be possible to display the word after the last incorrect guess? We've been stumped by a few.

2. We play on a Miyoo Mini, with up to date fw using NEStopia retroarch core. The game freezes if inactive for maybe 10 mins. Have you experienced this? Haven't experienced with any other game or core.

3. I'm pretty sure the font says either 'FAR OUT' or 'OOF', depending on win/loss is that correct?

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate you enjoying my game :D

1. I could try and do that eventually, though I cannot guarantee it since I'm working on other projects at the moment.

2. When exactly does that happen? I've not experienced it on MESEN, FCEUX, or real hardware, even when leaving the game idle on the title screen. I could test it out on hardware later today.

3. That is correct :)

Really appreciate the game :)

1. No worries, it's infrequent but it would be cool.

2. It happens while we're staring at the puzzle shooting ideas back and forth. No one is touching the device, it's just sitting there. If you haven't experienced I'd say the issue is on my side. I'll try with other core and hw.


Gave it a try on my original, unmodified Famicom on my Everdrive. Seems to work just fine after letting it run for over 30 minutes, both on Normal and Chill modes. I'd suspect the core.

Hey! I found a bug in the game and decided to add some requested features in, including yours. New ROM should be available from now on :D

Yeah boyeeeee, thank you very much!


I don't know if this is a bug but my second word was one that 1. doesn't seem to be an English word (but I can't be sure since English isn't my first language) and 2. doesn't show up on the original Wordle dictionaries: LAACH

(and I only got it by trying random stuff that fitted the clues I had)

This looks like it's supposed to be LEACH, which would make sense since it's the first word that starts with LE in my solutions list (they're arranged alphabetically).

I'll check that

(1 edit) (+1)

Fixed! Thanks for the bug report. New version is up for download :)

¿final version?

Pretty much, though there may be a few more bug fixes on the way if more bugs are found



Did not play it until now, but it looks quite well done. Let's bring wordle to all systems! I know that there are C64, NES and Game Boy releases.

Have a great day

I saw an Atari 2600(!) version on Twitter the other day. I approve of that initiative :P


Did you see there is also one for the Fairchild Channel-F? Link: https://arlagames.itch.io/wrdl-f

I did not, and that is awesome!


So awesome!

Maybe bug: using Mesen with Family BASIC keyboard emulation and it's letting me enter numbers as part of my guess.  The number graphics also end up rendering with some extra garbage graphics.

Ah yes, that's a bug. I thought I had fixed that but it reappeared, grrr... Gonna fix that ASAP

(2 edits)

Aaaaaand fixed. This version should work (hopefully)

EDIT: Yeah, "hopefully", accidentally up'd a bad version for a hot minute... *facepalm* - Should be good now