Arrow Keys - Move cursor

  Z - Select Letter

  X - Delete (Bound to BACKSPACE)

  ENTER: Confirm (Bound to RETURN)

There's been a bit of radio silence over on Twitter recently, and that's because I was getting stuff ready for the physical NES release of Wordle! And while the release details were being prepared, I created an extra mode for the release version: QUORDLE!

Now this is only a stand-alone prototype and only has a few puzzles in, as well as no stats/quordle highlighting for the 4 words; and I still need to iron out a few bugs...

But I thought I would release it to make the wait for the cart release more bearable!

Controls are pretty much the same as NES Quordle, and of course, Family BASIC is supported :)

I hope you have fun with Quordle for now, and see you in the final release. As always, report any bugs you find so I can fix ASAP


quordle.nes 40 kB

Install instructions

Run the ROM on your favourite NES Emulator. Or alternatively, use the in-browser emulator provided. However, this one has no Family BASIC Keyboard support - For that, you're gonna need MESEN.


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not funny I genuinely wanted to play a normal quordle not get fucking rick rolled


Slow clap


Haha ^^