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Very fun game. A 2 player mode would be awesome, but... not enough spaces for two squares of play area.. :P

Thank you!


What's Libnes? 

If it's a library, then no, I did not use that. It's 100% made in Assembly.

If it's an emulator, then I cannot guarantee the game running on it. This game was extensively tested on many hardware revisions without issue, but is known to fail on several older, less quality emulators. Please use MESEN if you want to play on an emulator. If you want support in a specific emulator, contact said emulator's developers instead :)

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Yes, it's a  C library...
ok, asm
btw, thx 4 da game... it's funy

Be cool to do a manual for this.

I'll likely make one for the physical release. Currently waiting for cover art and being a bit lazy otherwise haha

Oh physical? Through Kickstarter?


Oh no I'm gonna try and build my own carts on this one - First a Famicom version (since I live in Japan) and then an international version.

No need for KS as I can fund it with my savings :)


Just bought this game, and it’s such a beautiful package! I love the cosmetics of the game, including the music and visuals configuration, plus that magical cylinder-roll effect that I have never before seen on an NES.

I am playing this game on an Everdrive on an original NTSC NES, and it plays perfectly. I have spent many game sessions trying to get a high score. Lots of puzzling fun!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game! Post some scores :D


Sweet!  I like it.